Columbia Police Department Foundation


     The mission of the Columbia Police Foundation is to strengthen the police department services, by providing needed equipment and resources that are not budgeted through the department, and bridge the gap between the citizens and the men and woman who serve and protect the community. 

     Set up as an independent non-profit 501 c3 organization, the CPDF gathers financial and in-kind resources that support activities that reduce crime and increase public safety. The Foundation Board of Directors is governed by community and business leaders, who serve in a voluntary capacity, working directly with the Columbia Police Department and community groups.

     To grow lasting partnerships with the Columbia Police Department and the community.  

To engage citizens to assist themselves and the police department in maintaining a safe community. 
      To provide ongoing support for the Columbia Police Department programs, including: K-9, Crimestoppers, Fan the Heat, and other special programs that may have budgetary restraints, including CPD & Community Events. 
     To host fund raising events and manage charitable donations.